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"History of the USMC at  An Hoa Combat Base online"


The new  An Hoa History website is now live. I have posted the history for 1966 . I will be posting the rest of the history soon, but it will be a bit at a time. To access the new site please use this link




Forward by Col George D Navadel USMC Ret.

Of the many accounts covering the years of the United States' involvement in combat in the Republic of Vietnam, most authors concentrated on specific battles, campaigns or units. Alan Waugh has taken a different approach. He has focused his efforts on a specific area of operation centered on the then fledgling industrial complex of An Hoa located to the south-west of Da Nang. The time frame spans from 1966 to 1971 and introduces the reader to all the participants - both US and VC/NVA - who fought in the rice fields, villages, and neighboring mountains.

Extensive research of military archives to include after action reports, command chronologies and official documentation provides the framework for the account which, by itself, provides accuracy but no life. Alan remedied this to the reader's delight by including the personal human experiences of Marines and Corpsmen who toiled, sweated, and bled while performing their duty for their country and for their fellow team, squad, and platoon members.

A tribute to Alan's persistence and depth of his research is the inclusion of input from the Vietnamese director of the An Hoa Industrial Complex from 1962 to 1969. This coal-iron facility was the reason the US command commuted Marines to the basin. we must not forget the stories from the Grunts on the ground who after their tour returned home to restart their lives after the ordeal of savage combat in Vietnam. It is for them and those who did not return that this history has been written by Alan. It is a tribute to the warriors of many years ago who were proud to serve the US Marine Corps.

George D. Navadel

Colonel USMC Ret. (1958 -88)

RVN '66-'67; ''71-''72

Notes: George D Navadel is a highly respected & decorated Marine who won the Silver Star and Bronze Star with 'V' while in Vietnam


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